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 5870 Tri-fire Battlefield 3 issues.

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PostSubject: 5870 Tri-fire Battlefield 3 issues.   Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:58 pm

Having problems with 11.11c drivers and also tried 11.11. I just got my computer working and ive been noticing AMD's lack of driver support here in BF3. Crossfire (2) runs ok with still the minor stuttering and visual curruption. but Tri-fire, dips and stutters to a crawl. anyone else having these issues with the 5-series? or is this with alot of poeple?

When i disable crossfire, run one 5870, the visual curruption, stuttering, and slowdowns seem to not be there.
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5870 Tri-fire Battlefield 3 issues.
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